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a group of people holding cellphones and texting. consilium experiential marketing agency.
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We know the importance of and how to use digital media to create extraordinary brand experiences.

People expect technology to help them interact with a brand — to give them what they want with efficiency and ease. That’s our approach to digital: create experiences so seamless, the technology feels invisible (but not the results). We make technology work for you:


  • Web + Mobile

  • Digital Installations

  • Integrated Collaboration

  • Social Media

  • Digital Production

  • Creative Graphics

  • Digital Products

  • Interactive Content

  • Authentic Engagement

a group of people watching other people play video games on huge screens. consilium ema.
batman's new super vehicle on a stand at a trade fair. consilium experiential marketing agency.
a float in a parade of a girl wearing a headband of flowers and blowing a trumpet. consilium ema.
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